Thursday, June 25, 2009


BASIC ELEMENTS OF THE PSYCHOLOGY. Firstly we give our meaning about the Science: This is the group of organized knowledges historically accumulated in a logical way, and that they are product of the demonstration and the experimentation. All the sciences have their study object. From old times the human intelligence has been attracted by the principle of the basic elements or simpler units as form of explaining the complexity of the natural, social and spiritual world.
As the Physics as the Chemistry study the properties of the matter, but they differ in that the first one studies its general characteristics and the second one study its composition and its transformations. For both sciences the basic element is the atom; its disintegration becomes energy. For the Biology, it is the cell; the nucleus is only chemical composition. For the Sociology, it is the family; the individual is not able to interoperate alone.
The basic elements in the Psychology should fulfill the characteristics of association or sum because these are those that it possesses the mind seen as everything. The assexperias doesn't only fulfill this requirement, but rather all the psychic processes can also be explained beginning from them.
The authors that study for separated and in an exclusive way the conscience, the subconscious or the behavior are breaking into fragments erroneously the mental life.
The English Associationism, with David Hume to the head, is limited to the conscious processes. Meanwhile the behaviorism only studies the external manifestations of the psyche. The Psychoanalysis centers its attention in the subconscious.


The term assexperia is derived of Association of Experiences. Experience is the factor that can be perceived. We have used this term to designate the sum or mental union of two or more experiences. The assexperias is those responsible for the psychic processes, as conscious as unconscious; external or internal; normal and pathological.
Through all their life a person is going constituting assexperias in an involuntary way. In all assexperia the first element is the action and the second one or last the reaction.
The objective of the commercial announcements and of the demagogueries of the politicians is to control people's will through assexperias that favor them. In this point we will transcribe one of our proverbs: "Let us be realistic, let us always act with intelligence, let us make decisions with maturity, to have moments of reflection and to practice the justice". This is the only way that we can achieve an effective control of our experiences, and like consequence the destruction of negative and pathological assexperias, and the incorporation of those that allow us to achieve the peace and balance interns.
The assexperias that they are used more constitute the habits or customs that can be: Good, bad or vices; and unjustified or manias.

Monday, June 15, 2009



If you are:
1 - Intelligent
2 – Like to read
3 – Believe in Science
4 – Practice the intellectual intuition
5 – Atheist

You have the necessary tools to think correctly and to have a real and effective vision about the world.
The ambiphrenia (from Latin ambi = mixed, both and from Greek phrenia = intelligence) is the capacity that a person has to think with both hemispheres of brain. In the skillful right hand persons the dominant hemisphere is the left, in which they locate the logic, the language and the calculation. In the right hemisphere (no dominant) they locate the imagination, the creativity and the space understanding
The system of thought Ambiphrenism is based in the use and development of both cerebral hemispheres. Between the exercises that we can put in practice to stimulate and to develop the no-dominant hemisphere are: to learn to write with the left hand (if we are right), to draw with frequency, to write your interior experiences (psychoanalysis), to practice the Intuinica and to read books about self-improved.
The ambiphrenic is the person that they dedicate to develop their cerebral hemispheres. While the ambiphrenist is the person that understands and accepts the precepts of Ambiphrenism. They can be ambiphrenist without being ambiphrenic.

Now let’s analyze each one of five points before marked:
1. – The Intelligent
- General definition: is the capacity to manage abstract symbols, which express the reality of mediate manner.
- Specific definition: is the faculty to understand the knowledges, being these general reflexes of laws that govern the phenomena of reality.

2. – The Reading
- Informative: its objective is just to acquire information, to memorize ideas or simply to kill the time.
- Reflective: it is a slow reading where they try to go beyond it is written. These reading take us to the meditation.

3. – The Science:
It is the collections of knowledges with a logic organization historically accumulated.

4. – The Intellectual Intuition:
Through this kind of intuition we perceive directly, through a direct act of the spirit, the essence, that is what the object is.

5. – God and the Religion:
The religion is the worship that they pay to the divinity. When the human being feels impotent in the presence of the powers of the nature, project out of himself his better qualities and values; personalize them in an idol, whom calls God and prostrate in the presence of him.